Trinity Christian School, an outreach of Trinity Church, commits to a partnership with parents, providing students with a Christ-centered education and inspiring academic and personal excellence.

We are here to serve the community by providing a Christian education marked by three things: 

A Biblical Worldview
Our teachers train students to integrate or connect their Christian faith with learning. They learn to understand, analyze, and interpret Science, Math, History, and Language Arts from a biblical perspective.

Academic Excellence
We are passionately committed to pursuing excellence as we work with each student to acquire a mastery of basic skills and curriculum content and to develop and apply critical thinking skills. Both WASC and ACSI have
accredited TCS.

TCS is neither the most nor least expensive private or Christian school in the area. However, we strive to provide the best overall balance in providing an excellent Christian education to as many families as possible. We can provide such value due to the following factors:
     - Trinity Church provides free use of the facility
     - We exercise wise stewardship of our resources
     - We provide generous tuition assistance

If you would like a school tour, please call us at 619.462.6440 to make an appointment. ​You can also check out our website using the button below.

This school is a ministry of Trinity Church